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Life with CPAP

August 9, 2011

Aww, he looks so peaceful.

Just a quick update for the millions who are breathlessly following my sleep apnea saga. I’ve had my CPAP machine for a couple of weeks now (see previous posts for more info). And after a few rough nights, I’ve adjusted reasonably well.

It’s still not exactly comfortable to fall asleep with a plastic mask blowing air into my nose, but it’s okay. I do manage to sleep through the night.

As for the onset of brilliance and productivity… I can’t say it’s happened. No particular evidence that I’ve suddenly become a genius or anything. Just a writer guy slogging along. And I’m still hoping that I’ll be able to wean myself from the CPAP, as I continue to lose weight and get in better shape.

So. As with many things in life, no climactic moment or life-changing experience. We go on.

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